🏆Hyperbolic Protocol


To read about the OKLG/SMOL migration to HYPE, please click here to review our blog post.

Hyperbolic Protocol (HYPE) is the first-of-its-kind 100% fully on-chain collateralized lending protocol that leverages built-in Uniswap V3 TWAPs to drive automated variable APRs and protocol usage fees to maximize yield, protocol growth, and ultimately sustainability.

Unlike other lending/borrowing platforms, HYPE allows for any asset with a liquid Uniswap V3 pool and cardinality wide enough to support a 5-min TWAP to be used as collateral to borrow against. Using HYPE, borrowers can deposit a number of both stable and exotic collateral tokens to borrow ETH that can be paid back at a later time. From unexpected expenses to leveraging holdings for new investments, HYPE allows an individual to obtain and utilize liquid capital while maintaining their positions.

Holders of HYPE and external LPs receive real yield paid in ETH with no staking required that is collected from protocol usage fees.

Summary highlights of the Hyperbolic Protocol.

Provides distribution details of HYPE's supply, as well as, liquidity and general token information.

Contains information about the lending pools and fees associated with borrowing.

Answers any questions regarding paying back a loan.

Describes details on the process and execution of defaulting on a loan and the thresholds/details of liquidation.

Goes over the benefits of holding HYPE and receiving real yield.

Dedicated to HYPE's future game contracts to understand how each game is played when made available.

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