📄Protocol Summary


  • Borrowers deposit anything from stable to exotic crypto assets as collateral and borrow ETH to be paid back over time.

  • HYPE investors earn real sustainable yield from collected origination & APR fees without staking.

  • There is both a prioritized protocol-owned lending pool that pays 100% of fees to HYPE holders and an external pool that LPs earn the lion share of fees by providing lending liquidity.

  • All position health & LTV calculations are 100% on-chain & secure.

  • Wide variety of loan collateral options available with the ability to add more with ease.

  • Easy to adjust token taxes and APR floor & ceiling to ensure competitiveness with the industry.

  • No possibility of cascading liquidations for HYPE loans.

  • Collateralized HYPE loans still earn protocol fees for borrowers.

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